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Debugging download

David J. Agans: Debugging

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Editorial Reviews Review "...get this book.Its stories and examples are amusing and instructive." -- Test & Measurement World "..a short but invaluable work dedicated to helping you hunt down pesky problems online and off." -- New.Architect magazine, February 2003 "I have printed out his rules and expect I'll lend this book out frequently." -- Dr.Dobb's Journal,Gregory V. Wilson, San Francisco, CA Feb. 2003 "It's not often you find a classic,but I think I've found a new classic for software and computer hardware developers." -- Slashdot.com, David A.Wheeler "Unlike most books about debugging, this book isn't a technical manual. It's easy to follow and logical approach and progression." -- IEEE Software magazine ..the book lays out sensible strategies and tactics, clearly based on years of experience and reflection. -- EDN Access October 3, 2002 Fun, charming, motivating, and instructive, Debugging is a good gift for your friendly computer fixer. -- GlobeTechology.com February 2003 Problem-solvers everywhere can benefit from this straight-forward guide to fixing glitches in systems and software. -- Richmond, VA TIMES-- Dispatch Dec. 16,2002 Written by an experienced, down-to-earth engineer, it offers exactly what's needed when stuck in the technology trenches-fast, street-smart advice. -- BIZLIFE June 2003 Review


4,5 / 5


File size: 3,5MB

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